crab dinners, christmas mail and ralph lauren

1. my parents and sister left for china this morning. to compensate, my grandparents took me out for a crab dinner. my belly is going to burst right now, but that’s okay – it’s nearly christmas.

2. today, i received a Disneyland postcard sent from inside Disneyland from Lauren and a Christmas package filled with candy and a creepy little ring (just my thing) from Catherine. old school mail makes me feel so alive.

3. i found this vintage 80s ralph lauren crest blazer on etsy last night. i couldn’t resist not purchasing it, so i scrounged some leftover cash and got it this afternoon. hey, it’s christmas and i’ve been looking for it for the past 2 years. what’s not to love about a blazer that’ll make you look like a public school going boy.

or a Sim who belongs to a Secret Society.


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