black swan

i actually enjoyed Black Swan. i thought it was beautiful, from start to the end. and i never watch movies, neither do i talk about them. however, by some severe twist of fate, i managed to haul my ass to the movies twice so far this week: Gulliver’s Travels – Jack Black just gives off the wrong impression about small people the world over; Tron – really? so, anyway, i purposefully sat my ass down to watch my second darren aronofsky film tonight. i watched my first one – Requiem for a Dream – when i was 14/15. it freaked me out. i sat down for a whole hour afterward in silence. i only watched it once, but i remember every second of it. i remembered that *fresh* ending of RFAD all too well. i expected something worse with Black Swan the way everyone’s gone on about it, but whatever. i love you natalie portman and i’d gladly have your babies if benjamin millepied didn’t get there first.  lauren and i wish for you to have your baby in Wal-mart, at the very least. i love you, your psycho ballerina eyes and your angry lesbian face. black swan might just be your crowning glory yet.

well, no, this video is your actual crowning glory.

When I was at Harvard I smoked weed everyday
I cheated every test snorted all the yay
I gotta a def posse and you gotta bunch of dudes
I sit right down on your face and take a shit


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  1. teanoir said:

    Urgh I am really tempted to download a rip of Black Swan but hearing how much everyone has enjoyed it so far, I think I just might wait it out and watch it in the cinema in Feb. Also, this is incredibly embarrassing but I had no idea Aronofsky directed Requiem as well! That was a very disturbing movie but hauntingly good.

    Happy New Year, Bel!

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