tide pens, mashed potatoes and sophia petrillo

1. today, as we were sitting at a coffee bean sipping on blended coffee and unlawfully eating satay beneath the “no outside food” sign, my aunt dripped satay sauce down her blouse. i saw this as a happy chance to whip out my brand new tide pen i found in singapore and excitedly magicked the stain from her shirt. she wasn’t as impressed as i was. the stain was gone. #priorities

2. my mom made mashed potatoes among a host of other things for dinner. clearly, i only paid attention to the potatoes. i will never be one of those beautiful pin thin 40kg surgically-enhanced, snowy-skinned korean girls who star in my grandma’s favourite korean dramas, but that’s ok. what’s life without a few not-so-petite asians who don’t speak the language running around?

3. this year, it is my ultimate goal to dress like it’s 1985. more specifically, sophia petrillo circa 1985. mostly because i am tired of following trends and because grandma chic never goes out of style. year in year out, grandma chic still remains the same. i’m going to dress however i please whenever i please. to those fashion forward fashionistas who cry NO MORE STUDS in 2011, i say FORGET* YOU because i still love studded denim shorts and studded belts and studded hair bands.

p.s. if you see this bamboo purse anywhere on the internet, please for the love of all things good and dear on this earth, tell me. on a larger scale, i need to sharpen my diminishing wit and refocus on where the hell i’m going. i should figure this out over a bowl of potatoes. What Would Sophia Petrillo Do?


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