realizations and 4 macarons

i’ve come to enjoy candour and sheer honesty, to talk about so-called taboo topics without flinching a facial muscle or fading off mid-sentence because the embarrassment is too much to bear. for instance, i do not think it is vulgar to talk about adult activities first thing in the morning. however, i do think it is quite vulgar to talk about work all the time.

this morning on the bus, i saw a twentysomething man with a ziplock bag of 4 macarons on his lap: lavender, gold, cream and light green in colour. he got off the bus with a suitcase one stop before i did. i entertained myself with the thought that it might’ve been a gift for his girlfriend all the way from paris; for i was trying to quash the skeptic in me.

1 comment
  1. teanoir said:

    It would have been really sweet if it was for his girlfriend…or mother 😉

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