Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sometimes when people tell me stories I play songs in my head so that it’s sort of like watching a movie. Or a really bad music video.


i walked in to the lab late this morning. apparently tardiness in labs is not tolerable. sitting pretty for 8 hours and working for 1 hour is preferable over working for 1 hour and then going off to do more productive things such as reading journals and maybe even physical exercise for the rest of the day. my cells do not need me for 9 hours everyday. they only need me for 10 fucking minutes. i should not be reprimanded for working when i should and doing other things like fucking sorting out my life for the rest of the day. balls.

i’m going to the iron maiden gig on tuesday night at the singapore indoor stadium. i’m going at the behest of an avid fan who isn’t even in the damn country.

“i am much more of an angry metal/alternative music kind of gal. like deftones. i need to go for deftones. for chi cheng.”

“but you love the 80’s. bruce dickinson WAS the 80’s. you need to go.”

and in the span of 60 seconds, i concurred he was right. i am going with a friend and i have pen b tickets so holler if you’ll be there. it should be lots of good fun.

the following night, i will be going to see deftones. alone. this is how much i’ve wanted to see them since i was a wee overemotional long-sleeve-under-graphic-tee-with-too-much-eyeliner teen. please holler louder if you’ll be there.