ripper offer

zara shirt, random skirt, random dress

i decided to try on a lulu look last night in the process of deciding what to wear for a party. hehe. but then the heat got to me and i thought i’d be all girly and shit and wear my only floral dress in the cupboard.

after 5 years of being in the field, i’ve finally realized that you cannot separate science from alcohol.

“hay, are you ok? do you still know how to extract DNA? hehehe”

“i need to go back to change my medium after i down this mango vodka”

“the lower boiling point of alcohol won’t make the shisha taste so good”

i came back at midnight and dropped dead on the bed at 1am.

clearly, it wasn’t a very eventful saturday.

  1. ilyana said:

    Bel! I love your bandage/turban skirt, it’s so hot! I only have one floral dress too man and I only wear it out during those rare instances in Melbourne when it gets too hot for me to care about what I have on.

    Hope you’ve been well and how’s Singapore been for you?

    • Annabel said:

      haha thanks! i like flowers, but i only bust them out on special occasions 😛 it’s just not really me, i guess!

      sg’s all right but srsly IT’S WAY TOO HOT AROUND HERE OH GOD

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