andrew zimmern

i’ve been behind on posting, but i guess that’s a good thing since it means i am not at my computer all day? ha.


yesterday, i was in kuala lumpur. i ran 10km with my mom, r and a friend. i haven’t done this whole distance running thing since 2009, so my butt kind of hurts right now. it’s ok, because although i clocked a shit time and my knees feel like they’re going to pop out, everyone was all happy and sweaty in the end.

today, andrew zimmern followed me today on twitter. i’m happy.

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  1. omg 10km!!! you are so fit. I need to regain some modicum of fitness… soon!

    haha thanks for your comment btw! yeah i guess there are definitely fun times to be had both back home and overseas… 🙂

    how have you been?? what are you working as now btw?

    and zomg Andrew Zimmern!! i would be happier if Jamie Oliver followed me. 😀

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