Monthly Archives: November 2011

i give people second chances when they fuck up or are especially godawful to me. i choose to look past the error of their ways and i make up excuses for them, assuming “maybe s/he had a bad day, maybe something happened”. up until now, i have never attributed such behaviour to their inherent dickhead personalities. stupid call, i know.

much to my dismay (or relief?), some people don’t want this second chance for some reason or other. they insist on being complete dicks. much to my dismay (or cold amusement?), some people do not have a “best” side.

that’s one less person in the world to be nice to. the glass is half full.

meanwhile, i’m going to give other people second chances because everyone deserves a second chance. not a third, but a second.

that will be my deal from this day on: second chances, not a third.