of OCD

Obsessive personalities, if channelled wrongly, will probably result in the death of someone.

I tend to channel my obsessive nature towards songs, books, shoes and 80s TV shows. And a great extent goes to my academic career, too, I suppose.

One night, as I was obsessing over a piece that I was writing for academic purposes, I had to click on a link on Twitter that led me to the Season 2 Trailer of ‘Girls’, my new favourite show (regardless of what people say about Lena Dunham and all her white girl first world problems. I could probably just as easily be her minus the famous parent part. And the fact that I’m Asian not living in the United States).

“I’m an individual, and I feel how I feel when I feel it, and right now, it’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive.”

But more than those deep words that resonate within the confines of my shallow heart, I wondered what the name of the song that accompanied that scene was.

Being the excellent investigator that I am, it turns out if you trawl through YouTube comments, amid the “you racist fuck” and “i’m so fuken exited for this show” chatter, you can actually find the answers to some of your questions. The song that I was after is called “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding. It also turns out that this song has received quite a lot of airplay on the radio. I felt old, like how I imagine my father felt when I taught him how to print.

Since then I’ve probably listened to the song no less than 70 times. At least twice a day everyday.

The song is a stark reminder of how we could live our lives: everything is a concrete, steady “could”, not a “should” or a “would”. “Could” is the simple past tense of “can”, thus implying that something can happen.

2013 is coming.

For once, I’m exited.


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